RingLead Launches New Data Management Solutions Products to Add to Existing DMS Lineup

DMS Enterprise and SMB

RingLead introduces two new products to their existing Data Management Solutions (DMS) lineup to help companies manage their data in the most efficient way.

RingLead, a leading SaaS data management company, is proud to announce the launch of two new products, DMS Enterprise and DMS SMB, to their existing lineup to better cater to the data quality needs of its diverse customer base. DMS Enterprise and DMS SMB make it easier than ever for companies to oversee their data quality. RingLead’s Data Management Solutions (DMS) is truly the first fully integrated, cloud-based, data management platform in the market, that can clean, enrich, normalize and protect important data within a company’s CRM.

DMS SMB and DMS Enterprise both include all of RingLead’s premier applications; DMS Capture, DMS Cleanse, DMS Duplicate Prevention and DMS Enrichment (including intelligent web forms). The key difference between the two lies in the size of a company’s Salesforce user base. DMS SMB was designed for companies with 100 or less Salesforce users, and DMS Enterprise was designed for companies with up to 350 Salesforce users. Each package contains an optimal amount of capture and research credits as well.  

DMS Enterprise and SMB will provide our customers with the top of the line data management platform on the market.

Christopher Hickey, CEO

“DMS Enterprise and SMB will provide our customers with the top of the line data management platform on the market” said Christopher Hickey, CEO. “We wanted to make it easier than ever for customers to manage their data and quickly fuel their revenue growth by providing a sophisticated, yet simple to use system, to protect their most valuable asset, their data. RingLead aims to provide the highest quality products for the best value and packaging all of our premier applications together will do just that”.

The addition of DMS Enterprise and DMS SMB to RingLead’s suite of products will give them a dominant edge over their competition by providing the only full stack, cloud-based, data management platform that will effortlessly clean, protect and enrich a CRM in real time. RingLead DMS is the only scalable SaaS platform in it’s industry, with multiple products integrated in one complete system. As customers experience the powerful system and realize the positive impacts on their overall business, they can unlock the different features of DMS in stages as needed.

Source: RingLead