RingLead Releases Capture 3.0 and Announces Plans to Integrate Into DMS

RingLead's upgraded sales prospecting tool Capture 3.0 generates 1,000+ leads with the click of a button

​​​​RingLead, a leading data quality management provider, today announced the release of Capture 3.0, a sophisticated prospecting tool that allows sales representatives to generate and save 1,000+ leads with the click of a button. Capture 3.0 features faster research speeds, increased storage limits, improved workflows, and a new static, pop-out interface. This revolutionary prospecting tool enables sales representatives to extract information from any source–social media platforms, email signatures, titles, excel spreadsheets–and generate valuable firmographic and social data that can be saved to a CRM or a CSV file. RingLead today also announced plans to integrate Capture into its new platform, Data Management Solutions, allowing users to normalize, deduplicate, merge duplicates and segment their captured data in one secure, end-to-end platform.  

“This is a major release,” said Russ Artzt, RingLead’s executive chairman. “This is major because it leverages the tool to integrate with DMS. It’s the first step toward Capture becoming part of the DMS family and serving the integral role of discovery.”

The progress never stops. We have many new and exciting features on our product roadmap as we prepare to integrate into DMS.

Alex Kazansky, Capture's Senior Developer

In a recent study, RingLead concluded prospecting with Capture is 1000x times faster than sourcing contacts manually. Sourcing 100 contacts and researching them took 500 minutes; Capture was able to complete the entire research process in 30 seconds.

To achieve such staggering results, Capture 3.0 performs a real-time crawl of the Internet and multiple databases to return everything from firmographics about a company’s size and industry, to social media platforms, verified phone numbers, and SIC codes. Unlike other prospecting tools, RingLead’s Capture 3.0 is a data originator and uses its proprietary technology to source data from multiple sources.

“Capture 3.0 has drastically improved in usability,” said Alex Kazansky, Capture’s senior developer. “As a developer, it feels great to know that we were able to release an upgrade that improves usability and addresses customer feedback. Of course, the progress never stops. We have many new and exciting features on our product roadmap as we prepare to integrate into DMS.”

RingLead will release its new flagship product, DMS, in April. Capture will represent the “discovery of new data” component of DMS. In the weeks leading up to the release, RingLead will issue additional information about DMS, as well as Capture’s role in DMS.    

“I’m particularly excited about this release because of what it signals,” said Christopher Hickey, RingLead’s chief executive officer. “DMS cleans, normalizes, segments, deduplicates, prevents duplicates–all in one end-to-end, cloud-based platform. When you marry that technology with the unbelievable capabilities of Capture 3.0, you get an unrivaled product.”   ​

RingLead, Inc. is the fastest growing SaaS company on Long Island. RingLead offers a complete end-to-end suite of products to clean, protect and enhance company and contact information, leading to improved organizational efficiency, reliable business intelligence, and maximized ROI on CRM and marketing automation investments. Since 2003, RingLead has helped solve the dirty data problems of large enterprises, Fortune 500 companies and small businesses across the globe.

Source: RingLead


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